Osteogenic growth peptide (OGP 10-14) and its analogue on proliferation of osteoclast-like cells in vitro
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摘要 目的 探讨成骨生长肽(OGP)羧基端5肽[OGP(10-14),即G36G]及其类似物G48A对大鼠破骨细胞样细胞(OLC)增殖的影响。方法 采用无血清单纯骨髓细胞诱导体系或联合SD仔鼠颅盖骨第3代成骨细胞(OB)体外共培养体系进行OLC培养,设对照组(1%BSA)、G36G组、G48A组、G36G+OB组、G48A+OB组及RGDY组等6组,G36G组和G48A组分别加入10^-13、10^-11、10^-9和10^-7 mol/L的G36G或G48A,RGDY组加入10^-8 mol/L的RGDY。培养48 h后进行OLC细胞计数。结果 在骨髓细胞与OB共培养诱导体系中,不同剂量G36G和G48A干预均可显著促进OLC的形成,与对照组和骨髓细胞诱导体系相比,差异具有统计学意义(P〈0.05)。在较低剂量时,随着G36G和G48A剂量增大,OLC数量增加,当药物剂量达到10^-9 mol/L时,OLC数量均达到峰值,分别为(9.03±3.63)×10^4个/ml和(10.57±5.85)×10^4个/ml,进一步增大药物剂量,OLC数量反呈下降趋势。在单纯骨髓细胞诱导体系中,G48A和G36G干预对OLC增殖无明显影响,与对照组相比差异无统计学意义(P〉0.05)。结论 在OB与骨髓细胞共培养诱导体系中,OGP(10-14)及其类似物G48A可促进OLC的增殖。 Objective To investigate the effects of the carboxyl-osteogenic growth peptide [OGP(10-14), G36G] and its analogue G48A on proliferation of osteoclast-like cells (OLC) in vitro. Methods OLC was cultured individually in serum- free a-MEM culture medium with or without osteoblastic cells (OB) cocultured in vitro. The cells were divided into control group (1%BSA), G36G group, G48A group, G36G+OB group, G48A+OB group and RGDY group. The G36G group and G48A group were cultured with various concentrations of G36G or G48A (10^-13, 10^-11, 10^-9 and 10^-7 mol/L), and the RGDY group was cultured with 10.8 mol/L. The OLC in each group was further continuously incubated for 48 h and was counted. Results G36G and G48A significantly stimulated the enhanced number of OLC dose-dependently at low concentration, and inhibited it slightly at high concentration in cocultured system of OB and bone marrow cells (P〈0.05). The maximum efficiency [ ( 9.03 ±3.63)×10^4/ml and ( 10.57±5.85 ) × 10^4/ml] was obtained when cells were treated by G36G and G48 A at the concentration of 10^-9 mol/L. While there were no significant different effects of the OLC cultured with G36G and G48A in the single bone marrow cells system without OB cocultured compared with the control group. Conclusion G36G and G48A can stimulate the OLC proliferation of the rat bone marrow cell coculture system with OB.
作者 林毅 黄云鸿 丁晓颖 LIN Yi, HUANG Yun-hong, DING Xiao-ying (Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, the First People's Hospital AJfiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200080, China)
出处 《世界临床药物》 CAS 2016年第10期681-685,共5页 WORLD CLINICAL DRUGS
基金 国家自然科学基金项目(编号:30271530) 上海市卫计委重点项目(编号:201440033) 上海松江区卫计委攀登医学合作项目(编号:0702N14003) 上海申康医院发展中心临床科技创新项目(编号:SHDC12015304)
关键词 成骨生长肽羧基端5肽[OGP(10-14)] G48A 破骨细胞样细胞(OLC) carboxyl-osteogenic growth peptide [OGP(10-14)] G48A osteoclast-like cell (OLC)
作者简介 林毅,硕士,主治医师,上海市医学会糖尿病分会委员,研究方向为甲状腺结节及甲状腺癌的基础及临床研究。 通信作者:丁晓颖,副主任医师,研究方向为代谢性骨病及糖尿病。
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